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the owners and players say they they are cautiously optimistic. >> we will keep at it as long as it takes. >> for the fans, we appreciate your patience as we work through this. we are going to keep working. we want to play football. >> the nfl could face its first work stoppage since 1987. >> bonnie holiday tls news 4, the two sides aren't in the same ballpark in many issues. >> we have not received anything in writing from the owners, and a proposal, something for the board to discuss or talk about. like i said, 24 hours, that is a long time. i am not sure what they will be able to give in that period of time. >> holiday said there are some issues the two sides haven't
4:31 am
begun to discuss. if and when there is a new season, the redskins have a new player. the 29-year-old toddway was released by the rams last month. he played his entire career in st. louis. welcome aboard. >> see if he plays more of his career here. >> we shall see. >> a cold start. >> a warm up on the way there. is hope. >> hope. >> spring is on the horizon. it is going to be a changeable as we get into the weekend. as usual, this time of year. it is cold. below freezing in most locations. 32 at reagan national. there is milder air beginning to push into the mountain, that will be arriving here later today. a lot of cloudiness clout the region. ahead of a slow-moving cold
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front, triggering rain in the midwest. that will be in here for the end of the weekend. for this friday, starting out with clouds over the nation's capital. maybe sun breaking out, and a partly sunny afternoon. into the upper 40s, near 50 by mid afternoon. by 5:00, back into the mid 40s. the sunset, 6:04. we will have changes tonight. talk about that coming up on the night planner, at 4:41. jerry, how is traffic? >> relatively quietly. overnight road work. you may find a lane or two blocked on 95 northbound, passing the capital beltway. the volume, light. coming in from annapolis, it looks like we are doing well. route 50, getting to and beyond i-97 all the way to the beltway.
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in-bound toll road, looking l happy friday. >> 4:32 now. breaking news out of the district. the lights just came back on for thousands of pepco customers. >> reporter: yes, plenty work up without power, that is 3700 people, we will tl you why, look over here. can you see that man hole cover across the street is burned. we are here at connecticut and florida avenues, according to the pepco, a circuit, it affected dupont circle and most
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of upper northwest. the crews restored power after we pulled up. it all started at 2:30 this morning. they don't know what cause tmptd crews were able to quickly isolate the line and repair t. a shooting near a night club in prince george's county. investigators say one person was shot and wounded. police have not said if they know who fired the shots. they didn't make any arrests. the club hosted a number of musical acts last night. 3,000 are displaced after a high rise fire in washington. four of those taken to the hospital. among those victims, a 79-year-old in critical costreet, southeast.
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>> reporter: it was a chaotic scene. >> the door got stuck. i had to kick it open to get out. >> reporter: the fire broke out in a large apartment complex on the eastern edge of capital hill. the building is owned by the district, and provides housing for low income people. many are physically handicapped. >> the smoke was thick in the hallway. >> some residents complained that a door to the third floor stair well had been jammed for a week, and hindered their ability to escape the building. >> certainly, one thing to look at. i am not -- don't know specifically what you are talking about. i did hear them telling you that. >> reporter: some were housed,
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the red cross is here. >> we know that the 4-year-old critically injured in the fire started it. 17th and benning road in northeast. a 24-year-old woman tried to rescue the boy suffered serious burns. friends and family will gather to remember the life of a woman killed in a car crash on tuesday. wilson was driving in the third street tunnel when her car slammed into a parked public works vehicle, three workers were injured. brand new and troubles information about the murder of an 18 year-old woman.
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police think they know where her body is but they won't look for it. they think her body is in a richmond landfill. searching for it could cost a million dollars, and expose crews to dangerous conditions. her family is livid and wants to give her a proper burial. the federal government will not shut down today, thanks to a last minute budget extension. the question now, what happens once this latest extension runs out? right now, negotiations are underway to hammer out of remainder of the federal budget. the white house is calling for $6.5 billion. the tea party-backed republicans want ten times that amount. both sides have two weeks to finalize a budget before the
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government runs out of money. scott barker could start sending layoff notices to union workers. 14 state democratic senators, the measure has drawn thousands of protesters to the state house. union workers agreed to the pay cuts but want to keep their bargaining rights. >> the jobs report is expected to show promising newsment the labor department is expected to announce that 200,000 jobs have been added. and the unemployment rate is expected to rise. >> and now, ahead on news 4 today, why airfare is on the way up this morning. >> why local students are trying to get the actor to come to
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it is 4:41, i am meteorologist tom kierein, off to a cloudy start, not as cold as yesterday, and not as much wind, thankfully. it is below freezing. most locations in the upper 20s to near 30. now 32 at reagan national. a slow moving front in the midwest spreading rain there. that will be arriving here later in the weekend. starting off on friday morning,
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by noon, 44, and near 50 degrees. by sunset, in the low 40s to mid 40s, upper 30s by dawn on saturday. a cloudy night coming up with no precipitation. looks like good weather for friday night. how is traffic? >> continuing issues from yesterday's water main break. ensell road is still closed between van dorn and pickett street. right now, the roadway is being repaired as it were in the repaving operation continues, authorities are telling us they hope to have the road open for the bulk of the rush hour. we will keep a close look on it. south pickett, a viable option for you. outer loop is fine to the
4:43 am
american legion bridge. west, i-66, no worries. all the way from roosevelt. >> 32 degrees. still to come. the climb continues. how much gas prices rose in the hours you were sleeping. >> the push to bring charlie sheen to one local university. >> and an fbi agent missing for years, found
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this morning, u.s. officials say they have proof that a retired fbi agent that disappeared in iran is alive. robert levinson disappeared while working as a private investigator. they believe he is being held in southwest asia. iran has denied knowing what happened to him.
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a maryland accused of being a u.s. spy in cuba. allen gross was arrested in 2009. u.s. said gross was providing internet access to jewish groups and didn't commit a crime. muammar gadhafi launched air strikes, fighter jets bombed rebels there yesterday, and killed 14. rebels celebrated overnight after taking control of a key road. it is 4:46, the nonstop rising gas prices. fighting in libya and the middle
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east are attributing to the price hike. $3.42 for a gallon of unleaded. maryland drivers are paying $3.40. and rising prices are forcing airlines to go sky high. jet prices are over $3 a gallon. delta airline system one of the first airlines added $20 to domestic round trip tickets. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords, singing "american pie" with her family. she is getting updates from work and her office. she is getting a chance to enjoy
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her mattzo ball soup. her favorite food. there is a $100 reward for information that will lead to an arrest for two stolen puppies. someone who goes by the name jaded in d.c. is selling a line of "i miss fenty" items. you can buy items that read "miss rhee yet" so-called scandal special.
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all bumper stickers are $3.95. there will be no orange line service, on the blue line, you cannot travel between armory and benning line stations, those should reform monday morning. we will move on to another story. you could be in for a long ride for the red line. friendship height sdps medical center, and tacoma and forest glenn stations, add 20 minutes if you are traveling between those stations. speaking of metro, the debate over the bag search policy could land in court. the aclu plans to sue over the random searchs, calling it unconstitutional and invasion of
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privacy. they say the searchs are necessary to boost security. well, he has given us "i've got tiger blood, man." "this includes naps on an f-18, bro". >> students found charlie sheen's insights so inspirational they want him to speak on their graduation. more than a thousand people like it on facebook. why they are pushing for next year's commencement has been chosen. michelle obama spoke last year. going from michelle obama, michael bloomberg to charlie sheen. what do you think? >> a clear progression in which direction? good morning, a cold start
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here on friday. we don't have as much wind as yesterday, it is below freezing. most locations, 32. reagan national. blue ridge, and shenandoah valley, below freezing there. and a lot of cloudiness reported as well. chesapeake bay, weather watchers reporting near the water, a bit above freezing. many locations are getting above freezing in west virginia, mild air coming in to kentucky, tennessee, and southern indiana. that will sweep our way later today. winds beginning to shift in the south, southeast. a lot of cloudiness coming in, in advance of a front, that it will sweep over our region here by it looks like saturday night, into sunday. off to a cloudy start. a cloudy sky.
4:52 am
dry pavement around the region, through the high cloudiness, the sunrise, 6:37. mid 30s by noon time. and peeking in the upper 40s to near 50 by mid afternoon. sunset, 6:04. back into the mid 40s, then, low 40s by late evening on this friday night. we will have our temperatures getting down into the upper 30s by dawn on saturday. stay above freezing beginning later this morning all the way into monday morning. on saturday, a cloudy day, afternoon highs climbing into the mid and upper 50s, rain moving in late saturday night, around midnight. it looks like right now. after that rain could be heavy at times at dawn on sunday. and some small creeks and streams coming out of their banks sunday morning through mid day. that rain will end sunday late afternoon, and turn breezy, into
4:53 am
the upper 20s to near 30 by dawn as we begin to clear out. blustery, highs near 50. colder on tuesday. sunshine, highs in the upper 40s, cold again, wednesday, mid 50s. another front comes in wednesday night into thursday, and a chance for more rain. you can check out the latest on twitter all day long. coming in or out of the district, by new york, rhode island avenue or kenilworth avenue, 340e6ing along nicely. no hang ups, any roadway has been removed from travel lanes, everything moving nicely. both inner and out've er loop, o delays to report. alexandria, problems after the water main.
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closed between ax lex and pickett street. the roadway was damaged yesterday, the crews are repaving it right now. >> 4:54 now, marylanders may be banned from texting at a traffic light. the senate gave preliminary abroefl for a similar measure. right now, drivers are banned from texting while the vehicle is in motion. >> the first stretch i-37 to georgia family opened on feb 23rd. it is free now, but starting monday, it will be a toll. a $1.15 off peak hours, you will need an easy pass inblesville
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and .
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welcome back recollect an important consumer alert, mazda is recalls mazda 6 cars because of spiders. the cars are from the 2009 to 2010 model year. so far, there have been no reports or injuries because of the problems, they will insert a spring from preventing the spider from entering the line. dropping the price by the original ipad by 100. $399. it unveiled the ipad 2 that will go on sale march 11th. they are extending credit to those who purchased the old ipad within the last two weeks.
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all you need to do is present your recent. >> a lot of people buying the first ipad, on craigslist, now you can get a brand new old one for less money. what are you doing to do? >> wait ten years. >> stay with us, news 4 today continues at 5:00. nurses strike, this morning, at washington's largest hospital are ready to walk off the job for one day. they may not be allowed in after that. >> forced out by flames, thousands are not allowed in their apartments, including many senior citizens. >> welcome, march 4, 2011. a live look outside right now. just about

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